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Waste Management - Green Factory Solutions

Experience excellence in waste management with our industry-tailored solutions. We offer you a complete package of services ranging from efficient operation of waste management centres and expert consulting to safe disposal.

Environmentally responsible and legally compliant waste management solutions

At Leadec, we ensure efficient operation of your waste management centres. Our team guarantees that all the non-hazardous and hazardous waste from the facility locations is collected, disassembled, sorted, and segregated according to the applicable laws and regulations.  We make sure that the waste is compressed, precisely weighed, stored, packaged, and assigned to the transport containers at the available disposal points.


We guarantee compliance with the highest safety and environmental standards through our rigorous departure control procedures. We manage the disposition of the waste, which includes preparation of necessary freight and disposal documents, organisation of cost-effective transport, and scheduling of disposal measures with contractual partners.


All waste management processes are operated and recorded digitally, ensuring minimum human intervention and transparent operation.

In-house logistics

Our in-house waste logistics solution ensures regular waste collection and meticulous segregation into colour-coded bins, guaranteeing precise handling of diverse waste types. With our forklifts, we take care of heavy-duty operations such as emptying containers, unloading trucks, and transporting heavy waste in the factory. We offer you a complete package by maintaining and cleaning all waste containers and keeping them ready for operation.

Online digital solution

Leadec offers a comprehensive digital solution, featuring:

  • Management of all waste transactions
  • Legal compliance and invoicing
  • Instant data recording system
  • Supplier governance, supplier portal access
  • Interlinked software technology
  • Customer helpdesk (queries/service calls)
  • Customer access to review documents and order creation


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