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Perfect your internal processes. For you to be able to focus on your production, we ensure smooth logistics processes. No matter whether disposition, transport, or storage, we create the best possible conditions for your production – professionally, competently, and reliably.

You focus on your product. We ensure reliable production logistics.

Whether within your production plants or at one of our sites – as a link between procurement and distribution, we organise and optimise all of your logistics processes.


We are supported in this by our planning software, which we see as a value-adding unit between assembly and logistics. This enables you to improve material flow planning, making your production more flexible and reducing manufacturing costs.


Our team of experts supports you in logistics planning. We implement comprehensive and individual logistics solutions with the aim of one hundred percent delivery capacity.

Our services in Logistics

Empties handling

  • Disposal of empties from the production line by means of tugger trains
  • Receipt of all empties containers from production
  • Sorting by load carrier types
  • Preparation of the empties as well as function tests and simple repairs
  • Manual cleaning of special load carriers
  • Automatic container cleaning
  • Removal from storage, loading, and dispatch of prepared load carrier packages
  • Disposition of the outgoing transports

Internal transport

  • Disposition and control of transports for non-series material
  • Internal route traffic and direct deliveries
  • Collection and distribution of
    • Hazardous materials, chips and fluids
    • Household and commercial waste
    • In-house mail and courier items
    • Tools and machine parts (also for external companies)
    • Furniture and other equipment
  • Provision of 24/7 on-call service

Value-added assembly and line side delivery

  • Takeover of pre-assembly scopes
  • Planning and design of the required facilities
  • Assembly and logistics planning
  • Ensuring traceability through proprietary software solutions
  • Just-in-sequence delivery to customer plants


  • Management of internal and external warehouses as part of production supply
  • Consolidation of production material in cross-dock hubs close to the factory
  • Operation of consignment warehouse (supplier logistics center)
  • Comprehensive value-added services as an extended workbench of the supply chain

Spare parts management (NPM)

  • Creation of part numbers and material disposition in the customer’s own system
  • Obtaining and evaluating offers from OEM and third-party manufacturers
  • Determination of requirements through stocktaking
  • Receipt of spare parts and special orders including photo documentation
  • Putting into storage, transfer, and removal from storage of maintenance material and consumables
  • Urgent parts supply with agreed response time
  • Delivery service for spare parts and consumables
  • Scheduled on and off-campus route traffic and ad-hoc transports
  • Provision of 24/7 on-call service

Kitting, sorting and reworking

  • Examination and preparation of packaging materials
  • Sorting and repacking of load carriers and placing into stock
  • Quality inspection and reworking of components
  • Visual inspection and technical testing of purchased and manufactured parts using defect patterns
  • (Re)labelling of components


  • Line feeding: JIT (just-in-time) & JIS (just-in-sequence) directly to the installation locations
  • Management of supermarkets and supply using different call-off systems
  • Sequencing of parts and assemblies into part-specific sequencing racks
  • Picking of components into customised containers and delivery to the production line
  • Picking of shopping baskets and sequenced delivery to the place of demand
  • Material flow control: Planning and ensuring the material flow from goods receipt to shipping to the complete production supply
  • Shuttle transports between external warehouse and production as well as internal plant traffic

Disposal logistics

  • Collection of domestic, commercial, and production waste
  • Operation of the internal collection point for residual and recyclable materials
  • Operation of the internal supply centre
  • Parts scrapping of hazardous and non-hazardous goods
  • Provision and disposition of all containers
  • Handling of hazardous materials, chips, and fluids

Your advantages

  • System-supported processes: optimisation of load carrier stocks through warehouse management software.
  • Transparency: We ensure transparent material availability in your warehouses.
  • High degree of safety: We have many years of experience in handling on and off-campus projects and only work with certified waste management companies.
  • Efficiency: We ensure the use of the best quality spare parts and maximum availability of spare parts at the technical facilities to reduce downtime.
  • Reliability: We manage the complete empties, including the scheduling activities, and guarantee reliable handling of goods with our own vehicle fleet, if desired.

Digital solutions for Logistics

With our digital offer, we provide transparency and increased service quality. Suitable for every service. These solutions optimally complement our logistic services.


Automated Guided Vehicles

Reliable spare parts management with state-of-the-art technology such as automated guided vehicles.


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