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Photovoltaic Systems

If you are planning to produce your own energy, Leadec will be your partner with its wide range of renewable energy solutions. The need to utilise renewable energy will increase in the future and we are ready to help you at every step of your journey. Our service portfolio covers the entire range of photovoltaic solutions.

Finding the right solution

With a Photovoltaic (PV) system, you can partially or completely meet your energy demands, reduce your dependency on the power grid, and protect yourself against rising energy costs. In addition, you can reduce the use of conventional energy sources, e.g., by supplying your fleet with your own electricity. Partner with us and together we will find the right solution for you.


  • PV module
  • Inverter
  • Feed-in meter
  • Public electricity grid
  • Supply meter
  • Storage battery


Rooftop PV systems

Rooftop PV installation involves placing PV panels on the rooftops of your industrial and commercial buildings, warehouses and carports. Installing PV panels on the roof is the ideal choice if you have considerable roof space with good sun exposure. This is especially true for factory buildings and warehouses: they are large and flat, and therefore offer an ideal space for PV modules. A feasibility check can clarify in advance whether such a rooftop solution is possible.

Ground-mounted PV systems

Ground-mounted PV systems are used to make productive use of unused, large areas with plenty of sunlight around the factory. Here, the PV modules are installed directly on the ground using mounting systems such as fixed-tilt racking solutions or dual-axis tracking systems. This enables you to use your underutilised land around your facility to achieve long-term energy savings.

Our services

Project preparation

  • Site visit and location analysis
  • Roof/ground type identification
  • Roof/ground condition analysis
  • Identification of obstacles that may lead to reduced PV performance
  • Documentation of statics of the roof
  • Collection of electricity consumption data
  • Validation of electrical wiring condition
  • Documentation of electrical safety system
  • Documentation of fire protection system
  • Visualisation of PV-relevant area by drone (if required)
  • Consideration of customer preferences on PV system (stand-alone system, connected to public grid)


  • Electrical wire modernisation (if required)
  • Safety installations (fences, stairs, fire protection)
  • Roof preparation (inspection, repairs and maintenance, insulation, structural reinforcements)
  • Land preparation (land clearing, levelling)


  • Commissioning of the PV system
  • User training
  • Documentation and handover
  • Public funding (if possible)

Analysis and planning

  • Design of the PV system
  • Annual yield simulation
  • Load profile analysis
  • Public funding options and requirements
  • Cost efficiency calculation
  • Storage capacity calculation (if required)
  • Visualisation of PV system
  • Material sourcing


  • Mounting system installation
  • Module mounting
  • Electrical wiring and connections
  • Inverter installation (DC to AC)
  • Storage system installation (if required)


  • Monitoring and regular service
  • Regular technical review
  • Incident management
  • Cleaning of the PV panels (e.g., with drones)

Your benefits

  • Energy Self-sufficiency

  • Turnkey Solution

  • Effective Roof / Land Preparation

  • Lower Scope 2 Emissions

  • Reliable Energy System

  • Legal compliance


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