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Facilities Management

Our Facilities Management teams can take care of the operation, maintenance, inspection, and repair of your buildings and associated services or develop tailor-made concepts for modernisation. Furthermore, we create a pleasant working environment and ensure that your buildings, areas, and facilities are optimally maintained so that you can concentrate on your core business: production.

Create an optimal working environment with Facilities Management from Leadec

Facilities Management is one of the core measures to ensure the functionality of a company. This is exactly where we start. We administer and manage your buildings and their technical equipment and facilities.


Our experts support you in building services operation, maintenance, and inspection and in the development and implementation of customised maintenance and cleaning concepts. In this way, we work together to find efficient and cost-effective solutions that best suit your needs.


Our facilities services are delivered according to strict quality criteria and based on current industry best practices. Our employees are highly skilled and trained to exacting standards. Digital tools also make our performance transparent and verifiable.

Our services in Facilities Managment

Facilities maintenance

  • High percentage of work self-delivered
  • Inspections according to laws and standards
  • Provision of emergency and fault-clearing services: 24/7 on-call service with own call centre
  • Periodic testing of portable or stationary devices
  • Digital asset data collection, evaluation, and documentation review
  • Establishment of a CAFM system, with multilingual capability if needed
  • Vibration measurement on rotating parts, leak detection on compressed air lines, thermography, roof inspection by drone/thermal imaging
  • Technical maintenance by our Leadec experts

Building automation

  • Detailed analysis of building services
  • Integration of individual automation solutions
  • Installation and commissioning of building services in factories and offices
  • Support and maintenance of plant and equipment during operation

Energy management

  • Energy supply of machines and technical equipment
  • Ceiling lighting optimisation
  • Operation of generation and/or inbound mains power facilities, utility supply systems, gas and compressed air supply
  • Energy consumption optimisation
  • Energy audits/filter audits

Water and waste water treatment

  • Legionella risk management
  • Plumbing
  • Sanitary facilities
  • Water treatment
  • Drinking water supply
  • Drainage
  • Fire suppression water systems

Technical cleaning

  • Specialist cleaning in manufacturing, industrial, and other sensitive or high risk environments
  • Paint shop cleaning
  • Laboratory cleaning
  • Bio hazard cleaning
  • High pressure jetting
  • Oil, grease, or chemical cleans
  • Steam cleaning
  • Liquid nitrogen cleaning
  • Food preparation/packaging area hygiene


  • Regular plant care and landscaping: watering, fertilising, cutting, cleaning and tying
  • Replacement of plants and replanting
  • Comprehensive lawn care
  • Soil cultivation
  • Tree surveys and safety inspections
  • Winter protection measures for plants
  • Leaf clearance

Furniture move

  • Office moves
  • Furniture storage
  • Relocation of machines, machine parts, and facilities
  • Complete service, including post-move cleaning
  • Relocation and/or installation of the IT infrastructure
  • Cable laying/electrical installations
  • Functionality testing
  • Professional planning and implementation
  • Flexible relocation times in coordination with the customer
  • Central coordination of all activities

Construction and deep cleaning

  • Cleaning measures during construction
  • Rough construction cleaning
  • Detailed post-construction or renovation cleaning
  • Professional construction waste disposal

Technical facilities management

Air conditioning/ventilation

  • Ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Refrigeration plants
  • Process cooling fluid systems
  • Single and multi-split systems
  • Cooling ceilings
  • Filtration management
  • HVAC energy management


  • Heating systems
  • Supply networks
  • Central heating systems
  • Room and industrial space heating
  • District heat supply
  • Ground or Air sourced heating systems

Warranty management

  • Use of a CAFM documentation management system
  • Calendar and deadline management
  • Contractor vetting and management
  • Defect recording and checking of documentation
  • Implementation of initial inspections/tests

Projects and modifications

  • Plant and equipment relocations
  • Machine disassembly and reassembly
  • Reconditioning and refurbishment of plant and machinery
  • Major/minor building fabric projects

Janitorial cleaning

  • Standardised use of proven and high-quality cleaning processes
  • Bespoke cleaning and work schedules
  • Optimal and regular training on cleaning processes, methods, and quality standards
  • Detailed and transparent performance reporting
  • Use of the latest machines, equipment, and cleaning agents
  • Digital-based quality inspection application developed by Leadec
  • Standardisation and optimisation of service specifications
  • Optimisation of the cost structure for janitorial cleaning
  • Dust control mat service
  • Special cleaning
  • Washroom hygiene services

Window and exterior cleaning

  • Cleaning of facades and roof structures, building materials and surfaces, windows and frames, blinds and vertical blinds
  • Cleaning of gutters and roof drainage systems
  • Removal of dust, soot, and oily or greasy dirt from masonry and glass surfaces
  • Innovative and ecological cleaning methods such as cleaning by means of osmosis

Street cleaning and snow removal

  • Cleaning of streets, pathways, surface and underground car parks
  • Snow removal and gritting/salting services
  • Auditable recording of services by means of GPS tracking
  • Short notice response for weather-related activities
  • 24/7 availability
  • Use of state-of-the-art vehicles and equipment

Special project cleaning

  • Deep cleaning and sealing of floors
  • Deep cleaning after renovation work
  • Complete cleaning of carpets
  • Cleaning and care of upholstered furniture and other furniture
  • Cleaning of ceilings, walls, air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • Preventative or post-incident Covid-safe cleaning
  • Anti-viral fogging or spraying treatments
  • UVD robotic ultra-violet sanitisation

Filter Management

  • Procurement, installation, and disposal of filters
  • Optimised filter specification and lifecycle management
  • Filtration-related energy monitoring and management
  • Predictive fault diagnosis
  • Ventilation systems hygiene

Your advantages

  • Value retention of buildings and facilities
  • Efficient building management: Cost reductions and energy savings through systems optimisation
  • Highly qualified personnel: expertly trained service professionals for reliable implementation
  • Services from a single source: So that our customers can concentrate on their core business
  • Highest standards: quality, occupational health and safety, and traffic safety
  • High customer satisfaction: through services aligned to your business needs
  • Transparent documentation of services: through digital applications

Digital solutions for Facilities Management

With our digital offer, we provide transparency and increased service quality. Suitable for every service.


Smart Condition Monitoring 

Leadec Smart Condition Monitoring utilises innovative sensor and monitoring technologies to detect anomalies and initiate maintenance on a predictive rather than reactive basis.  Leadec allows you to avoid the disruption and cost of production downtime through early intervention to avert rather than react to fault conditions.




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