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Intelligent Lighting

Light up your facilities, experience efficient electricity consumption, and harvest energy savings with our LED system solutions. Using daylight sensors in production facilities or movement sensors in warehouses, we further optimise energy consumption. Reduce your carbon footprint by installing LEDs and replacing lamps containing climate-affecting substances. Additionally, controlled lighting helps to improve workplaces and employee wellbeing.

LED lighting systems

The latest climate regulations mean that companies must replace lamps that have climate-affecting substances with climate-neutral technologies. A solution that is both energy efficient and sustainable is the use of LEDs. With LEDs, you can save up to 80% of your electricity consumption. If you replace your traditional lights with smart LEDs, you can benefit from daylight sensors which can significantly reduce your energy consumption.


The installation of movement sensors can further increase energy savings by ensuring that only those areas that are occupied are lit. And introducing these new lighting concepts can also bring employee wellbeing benefits. Our solutions cover both indoor and outdoor applications, ensuring legal and regulatory compliance.

Advantages of LED Lighting Systems

Process Flow

1. Lighting Concept Analysis and Design

  • Lighting requirement analysis
  • Sensor system requirement analysis
  • Lighting concept design
  • Economic feasibility scenario analysis
  • Material sourcing

3. Installation

  • Project management (including overseeing installation work)
  • Safety management related to installation
  • Removal of existing lighting system 
  • Electrical wiring
  • LED lighting system installation
  • Sensor system installation
  • Documentation
  • Commissioning

2. Compliance with Standards

  • BS EN 12464-1 (indoor working places)
  • BS EN 12464-2 (outdoor working places)

4. Maintenance

  • Periodic inspection
  • Regular maintenance
  • Incident management


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