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Waste Management

Almost every company produces various kinds of waste and is responsible for its disposal. Leadec takes over the complete waste management of your production facility, ensuring full legal and sustainability compliance, as well as best value.

Waste management - Efficient and environmentally-friendly disposal

Packaging waste, waste water, or even hazardous materials - a business creates several types of waste, all of which must be discarded in a proper manner. This should also be done as efficiently and economically as possible.


Leadec establishes re-use, re-purpose, recycle, or disposal processes that are efficient, flexible, and cost-effective. We collect the waste for you, provide and manage the most appropriate containers, and document every stage of the process for a high degree of transparency.


With digital waste tracking, we also offer a cost benefit. We are able to optimise the disposal routes, saving both time and money. The customer can therefore implement cost reduction and resource efficiency measures in production, as well as accelerate the reduction of undefined residual waste.

Our services in Waste Management

  • Disposal services enhanced through digital applications
  • Waste management compliant with legal and sustainability statutory requirements
  • Operation of waste management centres and recycling centres
  • Collection of domestic, commercial, and production waste
  • Parts scrapping of hazardous and non-hazardous goods
  • Provision and disposition of all containers
  • Handling of hazardous materials, chips, and fluids
  • Optimisation of collection points and discharge routes
  • Cooperation with certified waste management companies
  • Integration of internal and external hazardous materials managers
  • Water and waste water treatment

Your advantages

  • Efficient waste management: Cost minimisation and energy savings through efficiently designed operational waste management
  • Highly qualified personnel: expertly trained service professionals for reliable implementation
  • Services from a single source: So that our customers can concentrate on their core business
  • Highest standards: quality, occupational health and safety, and traffic safety
  • High customer satisfaction: through services tailored to your individual needs
  • Transparent documentation of services: through digital-based applications

Waste management 4.0

By using barcode and scanner systems, we make waste management digital:

Digital recognition

The containers are recognised automatically, by means of barcode/scanner

Automatic processing

The booking is carried out automatically and the containers are managed in the system

Container analysis

The containers can be analysed, among other things, by a second scanning process in "sorted" and "not sorted"

Benefits of digital waste tracking

  • Internal/external networking
  • Reduced inventories
  • Bespoke customer KPI reporting
  • Quality improvement
  • Container evaluation


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