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Battery Solutions

EU Battery Regulation (BATT2) has increased the emphasis on the circular battery economy. At Leadec, we provide battery repair, second-life / re-use module assembly, and pre-treatment for recycling services to support your circular economy process. With our three service areas, we aim to extend the service life of the batteries, re-purpose old battery modules in energy storage systems, and recover raw materials like cobalt, lithium, and nickel when the battery reaches the end of its lifespan. With our partners, we provide vehicle battery repair within 72 hours, which includes collection, installation, transportation, and documentation.

Battery analysis

Fault analysis is carried out on lithium-ion batteries to identify the damage type and intensity. The process starts with an external examination to determine whether there is any damage or leakage. If no such damage is visible, complete fault diagnosis and analysis follow. The battery is further analysed down to the cell level (voltage, current, capacitance, temperature).


Once the root cause of the defect and the condition of the battery are determined, the decision on how to proceed is taken with your consent. Depending on the repair effort, cost of spare parts, and remaining capacity of modules, it is decided whether to repair the battery, reuse it in second-life applications like energy storage systems, or to process it further for recycling.

Battery repair

Our battery repair centre works with batteries from a range of vehicles and classes. Depending on the result of the fault analysis, the defective parts in the battery such as the BMS, current sensors, or modules are replaced. The repair is followed by a counting tool check to prevent foreign objects from getting trapped inside the battery housing, cleaning, assembling, filling the housing with the coolant, and testing.


By documenting every process in our in-house software, we ensure that every customer gets their own battery pack back. At Leadec, we assure battery repair within 72 hours to reduce your downtime and contribute to a more sustainable future. Every process at Leadec is carried out with the highest level of quality standards and human safety.

Second-life application

With the approach to prolonging the utility of your batteries, we provide you with an innovative solution which focuses on the circular economy and sustainability. As a rule, for the batteries to be used in a vehicle after repair, at least 80 percent of the capacity must be regained. If this is not the case, it is still possible to reuse them in stationary applications, for example in the energy sector, as intermediate storage systems to compensate for grid fluctuations.


At Leadec, our trained engineers carefully test and verify the reliability and usability of the batteries. The damage to the batteries is repaired and they are processed for a new application. The entire process is fully documented for traceability later.

Breakdown for recycling

In order to mitigate raw material shortages and reduce costs, the reuse of the battery in a new function and, ultimately, its recycling play a relevant role. At Leadec, we provide you with a service which ensures responsible breakdown and processing of the batteries for recycling. Our team ensures safe collection, dismantling of the battery components, transportation, and collaboration with the recycling facilities.


Through innovative technologies and strict environmental standards, we work to minimise the ecological impact of the discarded batteries and maximise the recovery of valuable materials like cobalt, lithium, and nickel.


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