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Production Equipment Maintenance

Your core business: manufacturing. Our mission: the smooth running of your manufacturing processes. That’s why we always tailor our maintenance strategy exactly to your company. Our experts are there to help you with preventative maintenance and repairs.

Customized maintenance strategies from Leadec

We know that production facilities that run smoothly are the success factor for your company. It is essential that everything works without any problems! Whether repairs, inspection or preventive maintenance, our maintenance strategies for your company increase the service life of your plant and equipment and minimize the risk of downtime. What sets us apart: our employees. Thanks to extensive know-how, the highest operational safety and quality assurance standards and close cooperation with our customers, we are the strong partner for all questions concerning maintenance.


Our promise: We take care of your plant and equipment so that you can concentrate on your core business.

Our services in Production Equipment Maintenance

Inspection and preventive maintenance

  • Creation of a maintenance schedule in the customer’s or Leadec’s own CAFM system
  • Creation of an optimised maintenance regime aligned with statutory requirements, technical standards, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and best value
  • Online/offline maintenance according to existing production planning
  • Mobile documentation of defects and activities
  • Optimization of maintenance schedules through evaluation of fault events

Breakdown analysis

  • Extensive data acquisition with monitoring and reporting systems
  • Regular evaluation on the basis of technical and commercial criteria
  • Identification of weak points and trouble spots
  • Initiation of countermeasures and technical improvements
  • Individual adjustment of maintenance schedules, spare parts storage or processes

Optimization and overhaul of machinery

  • Modification and expansion of existing machines and facilities
  • General overhaul, modernization and retrofit of existing facilities
  • Optimization to increase dependability
  • Data-driven asset lifecycle modelling and replacement/refurbishment programme planning

Workshop management

  • Inspection, overhaul and repair of assemblies, spare parts and operating equipment
  • Transparent order management and item identification
  • Standardization of processes to reduce throughput times
  • Execution in a framework agreement, according to the offer or as an immediate service
  • Logistics service

Tool management

  • Disposition and procurement of tools and clamping devices, independent of suppliers
  • Tool setting at the customer’s or at our own site
  • Logistics and transport of the adjusted tools directly to the production line
  • Tool storage in the customer’s or own tool crib
  • Process engineering for continuous tool and cost optimization

IT services

  • Digital equipment data collection for status and quantity recording
  • Leadec.os – comprehensive ERP system for all maintenance services
  • Process data acquisition for condition monitoring and quality assurance
  • Remote service with video support
  • Complete documentation according to legal requirements


Planned and corrective maintenance

  • Monitoring of plant and equipment for shortest possible response times and early warning of potential faults, so intervention can be scheduled to prevent rather than react to breakdown
  • Tracking of messages, alerts and activities in the ticket system
  • Immediate repair in shift operation or on call
  • Repair of various production facilities, storage and conveyor systems as well as production-related systems
  • Immediate reporting and coordination of further steps with production, quality assurance and HSE managers
  • Creation of digital machine manuals for fast troubleshooting and repair
  • Use of state-of-the-art measuring and analysis equipment for the identification of sporadic, minor faults
  • Detailed planning of non-time-critical repairs

TPM and shop floor management

  • Comprehensive integration of a total productive maintenance (TPM) system
  • Ensuring the availability of equipment in the production environment
  • Qualification of personnel for maintenance tasks according to requirements
  • Extensive reporting of key figures on visualization boards
  • Regular team meetings with all employees
  • Participation in customer meetings for communication at eye level

Regulatory inspections

  • Tests according to applicable rules, standards and laws
  • Inspection of safety devices, machines, systems and operating equipment
  • Review of safety-relevant documentation
  • Direct repair of defects
  • Message to the operator with recommended action

Spare parts management

  • Review of system documentation and recording of installed components
  • Selection of spare parts and recommendation for customer’s warehouse
  • Critical parts analysis, stockholding and management
  • Procurement and provision of spare parts by Leadec
  • Inventory optimization of existing warehouses
  • Presentation of alternatives such as spare parts sharing and additive manufacturing
  • Inventory management in the customer’s or Leadec’s own ERP system
  • Logistics strategies for procurement and storage
  • Obsolescence management

Fluid management

  • Monitoring and logistics for water-soluble and oil-based metalworking fluids
  • Walk-throughs for inspecting, sampling and refilling decentralized MWF systems
  • Coordination of samples and documentation of laboratory results
  • Immediate measures in case of limit violations and analysis of long-term trends
  • Suggestion of recommended action
  • Execution of coordinated measures
  • Cleaning of tanks and equipment
  • Operation of tank farms, dosing and mixing systems
  • Service for lubricants as well as gear and hydraulic oils
  • Professional and environmentally compliant disposal of all liquids

Your advantages

  • Reduction of downtime: We ensure that downtimes of facilities are minimized and recorded.
  • Cost reduction: We effectively reduce costs through high work efficiency, careful planning, preventive measures and continuous optimization.
  • High degree of safety: Our services are certified to ISO45001 ensure high operational safety) and quality assurance. 
  • Transparent documentation: We show the facility’s weak points, document the actual state and present important key figures.
  • Stock optimization: We optimize your company’s inventory and thus reduce tool and storage costs.
  • Value retention of plant and equipment: We ensure an optimized service life of plant and machinery and thus continuously improve performance.
  • Predictive maintenance: Increased plant availability through early detection of damage or warning of potential failure.
  • Sustainable measures: Thinking about tomorrow today with Leadec’s environmentally friendly maintenance strategy.

Digital solutions for Production Equipment Maintenance

With our digital offer we provide transparency and increased service quality. Suitable for every service. These solutions optimally complement production maintenance.


Smart Condition Monitoring 
With Smart Condition Monitoring, we not only provide preventive maintenance, but also intelligent condition monitoring. In three phases, we detect anomalies, install sensors or IT systems and finally define intelligent guidelines for action.


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