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Hygiene Services

We are offering high-standard hygiene services for the food & beverage industry in the areas of food factory hygiene, kitchen deep cleaning, periodic environmental cleaning and ventilation cleaning. Thus we are supporting our customers through providing effective hygiene solutions so thy can concentrate on their core business.

Professional Hygiene Services throughout mainland UK

Food Factory Hygiene

The UK food manufacturing industry is, reassuringly, one of the most rigorously audited production environments. This results in a requirement to demonstrate robust, effective and rigorous hygiene regimes. This may be achieved through outsourcing to a carefully chosen service provider.


Leade specifically meets the needs of the food manufacturing environment. Outsourcing with us places responsibility in safe hands and ensures compliance with all third party requirements from a hygiene perspective. This allows you to concentrate on what you do best: producing wholesome food in a safe and efficient manner.

Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Busy commercial kitchens require an effective and regular cleaning regime. This assists the delivery of consistent and safe production of good quality food. Furthermore, regular cleaning prolongs the working life of expensive catering equipment. 


Outsourcing, particularly periodic deep-cleaning tasks, allows kitchen staff to focus their time on food preparation, allowing hygiene experts to carry out tasks in an efficient and timely manner. By engaging with specialists who use a professional range of equipment and materials you also avoid the risks arising from your staff handling aggressive and potentially hazardous chemicals.

Ventilation Deep Cleaning

Extraction systems not operating effectively cause grease to accumulate more rapidly on all surfaces within the environment; creating additional cleaning need. The risk of fire increases rapidly within the extract ducting. Air can become laden with unpleasant odours tainting customer impression of the establishment and making the working environment less tolerable for staff.


By regular extraction cleaning the hazard of dangerous grease and carbon build up can be minimised. Undertaking a regular periodic programme helps protect expensive extraction fans, that often fail as a result of grease accumulation overloading and overheating the motor.


Our teams will inspect the system and provide a planned solution for regular maintenance ensuring compliance with regulatory and insurer requirements. Insurance claims may be invalidated due to lack of supporting evidence of effective maintenance regimes.

Periodic Environmental Cleaning

Every built environment requires some form of cleaning from time to time, whether this is for aesthetic or safety needs. This must be carried out in a planned, fuss free manner, to minimise business disruption.


Offering flexible, bespoke services, Leadec mobile teams deliver excellent value for money and all works are undertaken to defined standards by well trained staff:


  • Improving the aesthetic impression given to customers and staff – make your business stand out from the crowd.
  • Remaining compliant with internal or third party audits.
  • Improve safety and hygiene in work and public spaces.

Why choose Leadec?

  • Keeping pace with changing legislation – Operating as specialist front line hygiene service providers enables us to maintain focus and rapidly programme change as required.
  • Ever changing customer demands – Representing our existing customer base on behalf of their clients maintains a live and effective interface with all the major retailer systems and auditors. We know what they are looking for in relation to hygiene.
  • British Retail Consortium BRC audit compliance – Our systems and service have been flagged as exemplary by BRC auditors at sites where we operate.
  • Good Manufacturing Practice – GMP optimisation – We know and understand food production – built on direct experience of our key personnel, who have managed and operated large food manufacturing sites.
  • Transparency and traceability – We are preparing and updating risk assessments, safe methods of work, periodic schedules and cleaning instructions and provide integrated and fully documented hygiene manuals combining method, training and reporting systems.
  • Microbiological issues or concerns – We work closely with our clients technical staff and exchange audit findings and experience in pursuit of excellence.
  • Skilled team – Our team is highly experienced and capable of working to exacting standards at flexible times thus avoiding unnecessary disruption to your business.


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