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Services for the food & beverage industry

“Discussions about ingredients, sustainability, traceability in the supply chain, health and resource conservation are driving the development of new, demand-oriented food and beverages. However, this is only possible with the appropriate production processes. That is why digitalisation and automation play an important role, as do intelligent services for production.”

Andreas Spaene, Partner PwC Strategy& GmbH

Challenges for the food industry

The food industry is facing significant challenges including the global supply of raw materials, food processing and food retailing, and constantly increasing consumer demands in relation to product variety, quality, and packaging.


To deal with the associated competitive pressures, manufacturers are relying on flexible processes, quick response times, and the greatest possible degree of automation. These measures allow for shortened development cycles and cost reduction and ultimately, end products are optimised to best meet market requirements. This is achieved by using robots, drones, and sensors, and increasing intelligent software programs that facilitate needs-based production.

IoT solutions for the food & beverage industry

Digitisation, networking, and automation are key to the production process. But they must also be accompanied by services that are designed to equip the food industry for the future.


Through our own platform, Leadec.os, Leadec has created a cloud-based solution that enables customers to digitally view and control all relevant service processes associated with their production. This provides transparency and security and provides an end-to-end view of the entire production unit.


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A systematic approach to cleaning

Hygiene is the top priority for the production and processing of food products. This is the only way for manufacturers to ensure the trust of retailers and consumers.


Leadec’s specialists know exactly what is needed when it comes to the technical cleaning of sensitive, ultra-modern industrial facilities in the food sector. We ensure an impeccable production environment through our professionalism and attention to detail, while constantly striving to keep downtime to a minimum.


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Digital tools for clean air

One risk for product quality is potential contamination due to fine dust particles, which means that the cleaning, management, and monitoring of ambient air by using filter systems is an absolute must in production and storage facilities. Not only do these systems have to work perfectly, they also need to be maintained efficiently and cost-effectively.


To ensure this, Leadec makes use of smart building management tools in conjunction with servicing and maintenance. Powerful sensors measure important indicators like particle concentration or the pressure loss at the filter and automatically identify the ideal time to change the filter. This reduces maintenance and operating costs and ensures consistently high air quality. Corresponding logs and independent test reports create transparency and additional security for manufacturers.


References from the food & beverage industry

Keeping our little ones safe and protected

Since 2007, Leadec has been responsible for inspecting the entire manufacturing production line of infant formula and baby food for enterobacteria at one of our food partner locations. We are also in charge of cleaning the factory and office buildings, as well as work clothing. To enable the manufacturer to concentrate on its core processes, Leadec also takes care of internal logistics services and warehousing, administration, and packaging line operations.

Production maintenance for an international confectionery manufacturer

For 35 years, Leadec has been providing one of our food industry customers with maintenance services to ensure the smooth production of confectionery. These hygienically-designed electrical installations include easy-to-clean switch cabinets, food-safe chain systems for nitrogen tanks, and the continuous maintenance and overhaul of the facilities. 

Building services technology in the dairy sector

An optimum production environment is especially important for the processing of cheese and dairy products. One of our major cheese processor customers cuts and packages an impressive 5,000 metric tons of cheese annually and has recently built a new automated production hall. Leadec was responsible for the installation of the refrigeration, AC, ventilation, and heating systems on a total area of 11,000 square metres (36,000 Sq. Ft.). We continue to ensure optimum air quality through our technical services.