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  • Leadec employee working at a pipe system for the utilities.
  • Know-how in a wide range of industries

    Leadec has been providing services to the manufacturing industries since 1962. This means 60 years of experience with the special challenges of manufacturing facilities. Our roots are in the automotive industry, one of the most demanding industries. However, this expertise has opened doors for us in other sectors such as aerospace, line and machine building, and consumer goods.

Industries we work for

At home in the factories

For many decades, our technical expertise and capabilities have been the backbone of production plants around the world. With a wealth of new ideas and great dedication, we make production robust and efficient. Leadec guarantees the same high standards of service across all regions and industries. Our customers find us wherever our expertise in discrete manufacturing offers a genuine added value.

Passenger cars & light trucks

The world’s automobile plants are our homes. We have been involved in planning, automating, and maintaining many facilities for major OEMs over the years. This experience means that we understand the challenges of this industry well and can help our customers to transform and innovate. Whether you are producing combustion engines or electric motors, conventional powertrains or battery assemblies, you can rely on our expertise.

Heavy trucks & buses

Heavy trucks and buses must be rugged and durable to withstand the rigours of daily use. Production must therefore rely on high-quality materials and strict quality standards. As a service specialist with several decades of experience in this sector, Leadec is there to assist you with our services at every phase of your vehicle production and ensure a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective manufacturing environment.


Construction & agricultural

Digitisation and the development of new technologies are also playing a crucial role in the construction and agricultural machinery sector. Our customers in this industry aim to make their machines more efficient and productive by using digital components. Leadec offers customised services for all non-production related activities – no matter where in the world you are. Because of our global presence and comprehensive portfolio, outsourcing services is the ideal way for you to reduce your workload.


Flying high with feet on the ground: Innovative strength is a distinctive characteristic of the aerospace industry. This is how it responds to the ever-growing challenges of environmental protection regulations, safety standards and fast-paced technological development. To meet these great challenges, you can count on Leadec to provide services that take the weight off your shoulders. Leadec ensures that your production runs flawlessly while you concentrate on strengthening your core business.



The technology industry is characterised by innovation, technological development, and changing market conditions, for example in the areas of electronics and semiconductors. Companies must be flexible and able to adapt quickly in order to remain competitive. Production requires meticulous precision and profound expertise across all aspects of the manufacturing process. Leadec offers tailored services that meet the highest demands of the players in the technology industry.

Consumer goods

Our customers in the consumer goods industry, including segments such as food and beverages, furniture, and clothing, have to face the challenging demands of shorter production cycles and increasing product variety on a daily basis. The top priorities in this industry: hygiene standards, safety, and traceability. Leadec makes sure that your production line runs smoothly and trouble free, leaving you free to focus on your end customers’ ever-growing expectations while allowing you to improve your competitiveness and overall flexibility.


Online retail is booming, and with it, parcel shipping. Worldwide, this has led to many challenges for the (express) parcel industry. Clients in the courier, express, and parcel services (CEP) and e-commerce sectors profit from Leadec’s decades of experience in planning, simulation, and optimisation of production lines and logistics systems. Leadec also provides support with the operation and maintenance of the systems, as well as spare parts management.

Food & beverage

Hygiene and quality assurance take top priority in food and beverage production and processing. This is the only way for producers to secure the trust and confidence of retailers and consumers. The degree of automation is therefore particularly great in this industry, using sensors, robots, drones, and the associated software solutions. At Leadec, we are familiar with the cleaning and maintenance of state-of-the-art systems, as well as the use of IoT solutions for the food and beverage industry.  

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