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Leadec Factory Solutions

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We offer comprehensive services for your production facility, from installation, commissioning, and automation to maintenance and support for peripheral processes. Our range of services also includes digital optimisation options.

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  • A Leadec employee cleaning the floor at a factory with a cleaning machine.
    Facilities Management

    With our Facilities Management, we take care of operation, maintenance, inspection, and repair of your building services or develop tailor-made concepts for modernisation.

  • Production Equipment Maintenance
    Production Equipment Maintenance

    We plan, realise, and organise customised maintenance concepts for technical and administrative processes.

  • Leadec employee cleaning robot in a paint shop.
    Technical Cleaning

    We implement customised cleaning concepts for your production facility. Using special equipment and methods, we clean even hard-to-reach parts not only reliably and efficiently, but also in an environmentally-friendly manner.

  • A Leadec employee with a pallet of paper waste at a waste yard.
    Waste Management

    Almost every company produces various kinds of waste and is responsible for its disposal. Leadec takes over the complete waste management of your production facility, ensuring sustainability and legal compliance.

  • Electrical and Mechanical Installation
    Electrical and Mechanical Installation

    Rely on our team of skilled electricians and mechanics for seamless assembly, wiring, and installation of manufacturing facilities, production units, and safety elements. We also offer comprehensive services for your steel and metal construction project, from planning to assembly and final installation.

  • Relocation

    We relocate complete manufacturing lines and individual production units – on schedule, safely, and through a successful and accepted inspection process.

  • Man in protective clothing stands at a machine and inspects it.
    Hygiene Services

    We offer high-standard hygiene services for the food & beverage industry in the areas of food factory hygiene, kitchen deep cleaning, periodic environmental cleaning, and ventilation cleaning.

  • Logistics

    We handle all logistical tasks inside and outside your production buildings professionally and reliably. We organise and optimise internal processes and create the best possible conditions for your production.

  • A Leadec employee driving with a forklift with a pallet of waste through factory.
    Waste Management - Green Factory Solutions

    Experience excellence in waste management with our industry-tailored solutions. We offer you a complete package of services ranging from efficient operation of waste management centres and expert consulting to safe disposal.

  • Detailed view of a battery for electric vehicles.
    Battery Solutions

    We provide battery repair, second-life / re-use module assembly, and pre-treatment for recycling services to support your circular economy process.

  • Intelligent Lighting

    Light up your facilities, experience efficient electricity consumption, and harvest energy savings with our LED system solutions.

  • A cellphone with a dashboard from Leadec.os with light effects.
    Energy Efficiency Solutions

    We support you in conserving and optimising energy consumption, securing a stable energy supply to avoid unplanned shutdowns of operations, and reducing energy-related costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Photovoltaic Systems

    If you are planning to produce your own energy, Leadec will be your partner with our wide range of renewable energy solutions.

  • EV Charging Stations

    Leadec is at the forefront of electric vehicle technology, offering comprehensive EV charging solutions that meet the diverse needs of your industrial fleet and employees' cars.