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Getting factories back to work

Prestart Services

Across its global footprint, Leadec has over 300 manufacturing facilities under its stewardship, of which in excess of 200 have been closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Leadec, therefore, has a detailed understanding of the cycle of disruption caused by the virus impacting manufacturing, including close down, restart and shaping its future to the new norm. The Leadec teams are working around the cycle across Asia, Europe and the US and also in China where many restrictions have now been lifted. Leadec can advise manufacturers through all phases, from return to work into full production. 

Plans and processes backed by global experience:


Detailed evaluation of production and how industrial services underpin the ability to restart, including:

  • Planning and re-design of production processes with focus on social distancing guidelines
  • Planning and modification of material delivery and inhouse Supply Chain Management
  • Planning and modification of people flow and delivery timing
  • Mid- and long-term contingency planning


Preparation is key to ensure optimum performance. Our support services include:

  • Workshop including process analysis, task based specification and redesign
  • Re-prioritised activities focused on production to support ramp up in recognition that it is not business as usual
  • Interim solutions that represent best value during recovery to maximise resources and cost containment
  • A detailed roadmap that tracks progress towards the new normal


Leadec helps customers reach the highest levels of performance with a range of optimisation services that include:

  • Phased ramp up sensitive to each operation and its timeline for recovery
  • Intensive resourcing immediately in advance of reoccupation to ensure viability of production and its infrastructure
  • Scenario testing undertaken prior to occupation
  • Revaluate the performance metrics and service levels to measure the new norm by facility and sub-production

Think S.A.F.E.

During the working day, we all come into contact with a number of people and a wide variety of materials and surfaces, such as paper, cardboard, plastic, metal and wood - often without noticing. Follow this simple method to protect yourself and your colleagues and help to stop the spread of coronavirus.
Think S.A.F.E.

Thank you, Team Leadec UK

The situation created by the lockdown presented many challenges for our employees, whether they were authorised workers, on furlough or working from home. To convey our thanks, the management team created Leadec's own lockdown video in May for its workforce in all teams, geographies and customers in the UK. This message continues to be relevant as customers gradually restart their operations. Thank you, Team Leadec UK.